International suppliers of soybeans for food and feed

Soybean protein, taking up 40% of the dry seeds weight (DW) on average is highly valued for food and feed because of its amino acid composition and a high digestibility. The most important traits of soybean seeds quality are protein content, oil content and fatty acid composition, soluble sugars, and isoflavones.

Commodity profile

Soybean (Glycine max) is the main oilseeds crop of the world, a staple crop for protein-rich food and feed as well as a significant source of nutraceutical compounds with many different medical benefits. The high nutritional value of the seeds and its health-promoting traits are making soybean more and more appealing for human consumption. In the last decades (1999–2020), most of the world’s soybean seeds was produced in the Americas (85.6%), whereas Europe produced only 1.6%. Moreover, European countries import 95% of the annual demand for from international suppliers of soybean for food and feed.

Soybeans represent 59% of the world’s oilseeds production and 29% of the total vegetable oil consumption in the world.

Totally dry soybean seeds contains 33% DW of carbohydrates on average, of which 16.6% DW is soluble sugars]. The significance of the soluble sugar profile is in its effect on quality, digestibility and nutritional value of soybean for food and feed. Five main soluble sugars in soybean seeds are glucose, fructose, sucrose, raffinose and stachyose with sucrose and stachyose being the predominant ones.

International Trading, Shipping & Supply of Soybeans

Berium Group is one of the leading international suppliers of soybeans for food and feed. We focus primarily on delivery of bulk shipments of soybeans to Europe, Asia and Africa. We utilize an integrated risk management, financing model and shipping & logistics interface to ensure timely delivery of soybeans in Handymax and Supramax vessel loads of 60,000mt and more.



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