Integrated Logistics & Global Shipping

Integrated commodity transportation, logistics and shipping operations

Berium Group fully controlled and specially dedicated commodity transportation, logistics and shipping business division offers maximum flexibility and complements our capacities for managing complex logistical operations involved in moving bulk commodities from the point of production or supply to global destinations where they are demanded most.

Compliance in Commodity Export & Import (CEI) operations

While there are a myriad of key requirements that must be filled before commodities are exported from the source country, even more daunting can be the specific requirements that must be met before a foreign (destination) country will allow the commodities to enter their country. Berium Group and all its international subsidiaries navigate these requirements and regulations globally, procuring and competitively getting your commodities supplied to you efficiently from our widely diverse source markets across six continents.

Connecting Africa to the World!

We enable clients from all over the world to achieve greater revenue growth through personalized logistics systems that deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. Our global expertise is combined with unique knowledge, diligence and experience in Africa. Our objective is to be the gateway to Africa by bringing equilibrium in demand and supply between Africa and the rest of the world through value added commodity shipping and logistics operations.



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